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Hey there, I’m John, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to my world of endless exploration! This website is a window into my life as a serial hobbyist.

I wear my curiosity on my sleeve. From the brush strokes on my canvases to the code lines I craft, and everything in between. Follow along and you’ll witness my relentless quest to learn and create as I immerse myself in different creative endeavors.

Let’s embark on this adventure together!

  • 3D Printing The Giant Lego Wreath

    3D Printing The Giant Lego Wreath

    The Giant Lego Wreath is a fun 3d printing project for the holiday season. Be warned though, that this is a time-consuming process with multiple prints that will gobble up a good chunk of green filament. To be fair, I did scale up to 200% scale from the standard size. It’d be much more manageable…

  • 3D Printing Project: Catapult by STEMFIE

    3D Printing Project: Catapult by STEMFIE

    Today I printed and built a toy catapult that is mostly designed as an interesting teaching aid for STEM projects. The model is created by STEMFIE and is free to download and print. I thought it’d be fun to show my daughters how the coiled spring holds the tension and when released the ball is…

  • What’s Next For Swift Playgrounds

    What’s Next For Swift Playgrounds

    Swift Playgrounds is an excellent entry point into the world of iOS app development, with a simplistic approach to teaching core programming concepts that makes it an invaluable tool for educators teaching the subject. But where is it heading? The Current State Of Swift Playgrounds First, don’t get scared away if you’re not a Swift…