The Giant Lego Wreath is a fun 3d printing project for the holiday season. Be warned though, that this is a time-consuming process with multiple prints that will gobble up a good chunk of green filament.

To be fair, I did scale up to 200% scale from the standard size. It’d be much more manageable printed smaller – or if you have a larger print area than I did. That said, I wanted it to look more impressive on my front door, and 200% looked to be the perfect size.

I used PLA for the entire project, which was a mistake, but that’s entirely my fault. Overall, the models printed great on my BambuLab P1P. The assembly wasn’t too bad, but I did need to use a bit of duct tape on the male sides of the inserts to give a bit more grip. Without this the leaves would fall apart with even the slightest of knocks. It’s possible that printing at the 100% scale this issue wouldn’t be as noticable though.

PLA vs UV Light

Yeah I knew this was a risk, but I thought maybe, just maybe, with the low sun angle this time of year and limited day light hours it’d be okay. However, after a few sunny days on my front door the wreath began to warp. It’s not so bad that it’s unusable, but I’d be worried about using it longer term.

If you intend to print this for use in an outdoor environment a more UV-resistant plastic is recommended.

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