The Power of Iteration

Version one is never the end goal. In today’s fast pace world you need to be able to iterate on your idea faster than ever before. Smooth out the idea, refine the value proposition, become the best dam product you – no – anyone has has seen.

Iteration gives you the power to improve sequentially and this improvement compounds over time. At least theoretically.

What is Iteration?

At least for the sake of this article let’s say that we’re talking about the repeated building of a product or concept with the goal of improvement with each build.

Sometimes you won’t improve when you build it again, sometimes, you’ll find that that version – build #102 – is actually a step backwards. That’s okay though, iteration is not just about finding what works, it’s also about learning what doesn’t work and why.

Let’s Look At My Own Journey.

As you know I’ve spent a while trying to carve out a space for myself on the internet. I’ve tried blogging, YouTube, TikTok. I’ve published apps to the AppStore, built discord communities, attempted a podcast.

All of these outlets were my way of iterating through different ways of conveying my ideas to you.

I’ve enjoyed some of these outlets a lot.

YouTube is by far my favorite way of creating content. Not only is it a place where I feel like I’ve been able to find some amount of sucess and even replicate it, it’s also the content that I find the most fun to create.

Podcasting was a lot of fun, but I found the medium a bit tough to break into. Trying to figure out how to get a podcast listened to seemed very difficult and beyond that monetizing a podcast seems almost impossible. I want to take another look at this in 2023 and beyond, but I’m still brainstorming ideas here.  

Blogging is fun, it’s what I’m doing here I suppose. It can be a bit more tedious at times, and like podcasting, it’s difficult to grow an audience strictly by blogging. I want to experiment with trying to grow the readership here this year – but like podcasting – the idea is still at seedling stage.

Building a community site was a lot of fun. I was honored every day to see all the new posts and conversations that were happening on the site. However, I had no idea how much work running a site like this would be, and I did it on a super small scale.

Social media seems like a necessary evil, but I absolutely hate having to create content for Twitter and Instagram. I know that if I want to be on the internet I need to learn how to get better at these outlets. It’s a constant struggle for me.

TikTok is a place where I think I could find some amount of success and it’s one of the places where I have the least amount of experience. This year I might try to really explore this outlet more and see if I can learn more about what makes the TikTok tick.

Anyway – thanks for reading – these rambling thoughts today.

Follow my creative adventures…