What Can An Idea Inspire?

As a creator ideas are everything. The next article, the next YouTube video, the next app. It doesn’t matter what you’re creating. The idea is what matters. Ideas inspire imagination and drive innovation.

I’ve long held a belief that the process of ideation is essential for the creative process. I have a lot of ideas. Maybe too many. But, maybe this is one of those things that creative people deal with? Too many ideas.

My problem: It’s difficult to know when to stop the process of ideation and move into a world of creation. I often strive to find all the answers to all the questions that are created when that initial spark of an idea hits my brain. I’m learning that this is wrong. I’m learning that ideas need to breathe.

Give Ideas Room To Breathe

When you give your ideas room to breathe you are allowing yourself the ability to explore that initial impulse a bit further. The goal is not to build perfection. Perfection is actually the enemy here. What you want to achieve is production. You want to get started and let the creative process grow the idea naturally.

Ideas can inspire you to create new things. Big things. Useful things. A great idea is what seperates us from the future.

The idea I have for this website is still fresh. It’s a fuzzy and not quite fully formed haze that’s sitting in front of my mind. As I continue to write these stories (which I hope people find interesting) I think the fuzzy haze will start to fade. The creative process has a way of finding its own path – as long as you’re giving it room to breathe.

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